The main characteristics of these type of transmissions are the ones indicated by the manufacturer.

  • hardness
  • Efficiency
  • Comfort while operating
  • efficient electronic control


The servotransmissions DANA (Clark) are used in different activities. Mainly:

  • dockland vehicles
  • construction industry
  • in mines
The manufacturers which assemble these transmissions are, among others: TEREX-FANTUZZI, KONE-CRANES, HYSTER…


CLARK servotransmissions are transmissions whose operation is on the basis of pressure of oil on a piston that compresses the disk stack up to obtaining the union and transmission of the force across the mentioned ‘package’.This means that you have to pay special attention to:

  • Oil:
The viscosity and properties of the oil are critical for these and other gearboxes with hydraulic functioning. The properties allow supporting the suitable ranges of pressure, to improve the heat dissipation produced in the mechanical transformation, to provide the suitable lubrication and even to support the enormous pressure that takes place in contact of the teeth, supporting at least, a thin cap between the teeth in contact.The key parameters are:
  • Oil pressure:
Oil level: careful, you must take note of the size of the refrigeration system when you do the levels, since the vehicle is in standby, the oil fills the transmission, but when you start the engine, the oil begins to circulate along the circuit of refrigeration diminishing the level of oil inside the servo.Possible mixture of the oil of the transmission with hydraulic oil of the auxiliary pumps
  • Circuit of Refrigeration:
You must keep it clean, especially after a repair, because the dirt remains circulating and can damage the electro valves, bloke the filter or break the walls of the cooler.
  • Calibrations (for models with an electronic management):
A few models, especially the most moderns, require a calibration of around 2000 hours. These models can have APC´s starting from the APC200 in advance.
  • Transmissions or cardan:
Must be kept with the Adapted balanced and with the roominesses of the controlled flanges.

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