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This profile is made for people who Works in ports and container´s storage centres.

In your terminals operate different types of machines , not all of them have servotransmission, and so, we have to make a distintion between them. A part from your gearbox, manufacturer (TEREX, FANTUZZI, KONE, FERRARI, TERBERG…) those who have servo transmissions installed are: forklifts with front and side loaders, Reach Stakers, head tractors or containers.


Servo transmissions

Exists a wide variety of transmissions, but we can emphasize the brands like ZF, ALLISON, and CLARK (DANA SPICER)

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The main characteristics are the following:

  • Are automatic servo transmissions that works with a torque converter
  • They work basically, thanks to the action of the oil pressure distributed through a valve body (electro valvs) ruled by an electronic device, which apllies the puistons making the friction disks stop.
  • The electronic device can be the one made from the manufacturer (ZF, ALLISON , CLARK) or another one in common with the manufacturer (normally is CLARK)
  • Different sizes depending on the torque they have to transmit.
  • Their maintenance must be very severe because they work in a very corrosive environment.
  • The peripheral components are also subjected to this corrosive environment.

Other Components

used to activate hydraulic elements through the inside gear of the transmission.

These pumps supply the necessary pressure to actívate “ that” auxiliar component.

the hydraulic systems for steerings have been and continue being a strong base in our Company.

These systems stand out, basically, for being security systems which, any negligence or default can be the origin of major problems. These systems consist in: steering pumps, hydraulic cylinder, valvs, orbitrol… in which the pressure and flow are the key to ensure the security and comfort.

40 years of experience

Ask and Demand!

In Autosur de Levante, S.A. we have almost 40 years of experience repairing and solving problems in the passenger´s transport companies, like for example companies of city transport, small and big fleets, and a lot of different situations on the road or in the cities.

We own a big stock of gearboxes (ZF y Allison ,mainly) and its peripheral components (keypads, switchboards, coolers, facilities..) and also excellent facilities where we can dismantle and assembly into the buses or coaches, in a safe and efficient way.

Also mention that we have a big human team for the “Public Works and Special Vehicle section”, where we can offer you the best service with the best quality and personalized and professional treatment.

If you need or require advice about what type of gear box you must install in your vehicle, what´s the problem if it doesn’t work correctly, the cost or repair or even if you have any other question, please do not hesitate in contact us, and we will try to find the solution or give you the best recommendation possible.

Whatever is your truck (or machine) or your question, whenever you are and you find yourself in trouble, please call us, and we will find you the most trustworthy solution and adjusted to your needs. You know that join the leader is a good beginning.

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