Public works and special vehicle companies

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This profile has been created for people like you, who Works in the public work sector, with specific machinery or with cranes or Lorries carrying material of work.

The type of the gear box assembled in your vehicles or machines, can vary depending on the following:

  • Trucks for building lot: these trucks normally use synchronized gearboxes (manual). The number of speeds can vary, but most of them are at 16. This type of gearboxes, the synchronized, suffer a lot because of the multiple maneuvers and different gears that are used is slops or because of the load the carry. The cinematic chain group is very important for the clutch, because suffers a lot uin the maneuvers, and you should keep a very close eye on it.
  • Cranes: the type of gear box installed in cranes will depend on:
    • The age of the machine
    • Tonnage (number of axles)
    • Construction of the gear box.
  • This means that exist the possibility of having installed one or another
    • A synchronized gear box but with converter (ZF ECOSPLIT with WSK)
    • An automatized gear box (AS TRONIC)
    • An automatic gear box (ZF WG o ALLISON CLT/CLBT for the oldest ones or ZF ERGOPOWER, ZF ECOMAT and ALLISON S3000/4000 for the more modern
  • Dumpers, Mechanical loaders, Ditchers, trucks of pumping…: the variety it´s huge, even bigger than the cranes, although the brands and models that are normally fitted in are ZF, ALLISON and DANA. You usually will have automatic gear boxes which work with a torque more or less raised. Most of these boxes have quite big dimensions.

For the type of machines that we have already named and their gearboxes or transmissions, it is very important to highlight  the peripheral elements, like the oil, the coolers, the electric systems, switchboards…that can be the reason of abnormal functioning.

Other Components

A part from the gear box, your machines also have four components installed, whcih Autosur has specialized in their repair:

these are the ones in charge of moving the rotation and torque provided for the gearbox to the differential axle.

This entry to the axle, can be at different height or direction respect the exist in the gearbox, this is why they are installed along the transmission. The most installed brands are KESSLER, STEYR or ZF.

the most common ones are KESSLER, ZF or DANA SPICER.

 the hydraulic systems have been and still being the base of our Company

These systems stand out for security systems in which any negligence or fefault can be the origin of important incidents. This systems consist on: steering pumps, steering cylinders, valvs, orbitrol…in which the pressure and flow are the clue to ensure the security and confort. The brands most used are ZF, LÜK, TRW…

They are used to move the torque and the rotation to other applications in the machine, like for example to raise cranes, tanks…

the most used brands are CHELSEA and BEZARES.

40 years of experience

Ask and Demand!

In Autosur de Levante, S.A. we have almost 40 years of experience repairing and solving problems in the passenger´s transport companies, like for example companies of city transport, small and big fleets, and a lot of different situations on the road or in the cities

We own a big stock of gearboxes (ZF y Allison ,mainly) and its peripheral components (keypads, switchboards, coolers, facilities..) and also excellent facilities where we can dismantle and assembly into the buses or coaches, in a safe and efficient way.

Also mention that we have a big human team for the “Public Works and Special Vehicle section”, where we can offer you the best service with the best quality and personalized and professional treatment.

If you need or require advice about what type of gear box you must install in your vehicle, what´s the problem if it doesn’t work correctly, the cost or repair or even if you have any other question, please do not hesitate in contact us, and we will try to find the solution or give you the best recommendation possible.

Whatever is your truck (or machine) or your question, whenever you are and you find yourself in trouble, please call us, and we will find you the most trustworthy solution and adjusted to your needs. You know that join the leader is a good beginning.

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